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Who we are

Seven Developments is an integral real estate services company that stands for bringing all its projects a fresh and innovative vision that creates value and profitability for its customers, partners and investors.

We are specialized in investment projects like:

  • Residential
  • Corporate buildings and Offices
  • Commercial projects
  • Mixed use projects
  • Industrial projects

Thanks to a deep knowledge of the industry, Seven Developments anticipates to identify and develop differentiated real estate projects in which always converge the interests of the investors, the market opportunities and the needs of the end user.

So we developed flagship projects in cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Merida, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Hermosillo.

Our team is conformed by a solid group of professionals that through a rigorous investment discipline, meticulous process control, full transparency and results oriented, has managed to consolidate a portfolio of projects that stand out for their excellence.

Seven Developments has formed an alliance with investment partners to form an Investment Capital company. Such alliance takes its name as Sky Capital, a company focused on great value Project Developments involved in Commercial, Residential, Corporate and Industrial areas.

What we do


· Detection of Opportunities.
· Differentiation of real estate products.
· Generation of Value.
· Market Analysis, trends, areas and contexts.
· Permits and Feasibilities.
· Financial Projection.


· Properties operations.
· Administration of rents.
· Maintenance.
· Exit Strategies.


· Business Model Development.
· Recruitment and organization of Investor groups.
· Tech solutions.
· System Development for projects control.
· Regulatory and Technical advisory.


· Sales and Rents.
· Commercial administration.
· Marketing and publicity.
· Customer Management.


· Coordination of Design and Engineering.
· Construction Management.
· Financial control.



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Mérida the best place for live

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MAROLA 90% under construction

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PLAYA CHACÁ is finished

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The innovative and ecologically sustainable project Playa Chaca is pleased to announce...
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Buyán Apartments is moving fast

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Buyán Apartments is in 60% construction, with concrete on all levels...
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Skycity Mérida 100% Sold.

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Operating normally, Skycity, a sales success, sold in just one year, ...
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Ing. Manuel Serrano Plowells
Ing. Roberto Serrano Plowells

Phone. (999) 921 3212

Av. Andrés García Lavín #261 x 57 y 59
Col. San Ramon
C.P. 97117 Mérida, Yuc.